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Latest News
People Smoking Weed Video

First off, congrats to the San Francisco Giants on winning the World Series! All the attention has created some funny situations like this one, when a reporter from a TV station in Dallas gets interrupted by a funny smell, that he says “dont smell like cigarettes” LOL! There’s no better way to describe The Bay, except to say “There’s people smoking weed over there!”

Justin Timberlake Jimmy Fallon history of Hip Hop video

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon really did it up for this video!

The History of Hip Hop!

Inside XDL Teaser Project Portapotty

Here’s a fun little clip of yours truly from the new show “Inside XDL” the show debuts Tuesday October 2 on the Versus network.. project porta pottie in full effect! lol

Cee-Lo and 50 cent Freestyle “Fuck You”

Dope song by Cee-Lo.. I was thrown off when he went weird on us a few years ago, since I was a Goodie Mob fan.. but this song is just hot!

car flies into overpass. highway wreck video like the movie freejack

My homie Foto just posted this on his Facebook page and I had to share.. The kid lived who was driving the car, I never caught why he was driving at 100 plus MPH on a busy Ohio highway, but he passed a police cruiser in the median of the interstate. As he passed the cop car, the in dash camera caught his wreck on video. He hits the center railing and flies up into the overpass, breaking his firebird into 3 pieces. This looks eerily like the indy car wreck from the 80′s movie “Freejack” with Emilio Estevez, Renee Russo and Mick Jagger.. check it!

Cant wait for Football!

The 2010 NFL Season is upon us! Although I have been a bad NFL fan in the past few years that I have been concentrating on Stuntriding and Action Sports, I was inspired in 2009. From the improbable Saints winning the Superbowl to the continuing saga of Brett Favre to the breakout of Chad Ochocinco. All of these things and so many more renewed my interest in all things pigskin!

For this season I plan on keeping up pretty good with the NFL stories. I am a Raiders fan at Heart (always have been) so seeing Jamarcus Russell out is a plus. Here are some of the other stories and teams I will be watching out for:

Ochocinco seems like a down to earth guy and a couple of my homies like Cincinatti ( <– follow her). The addition of Terrell Owens creates a real problem for any defense, but like everyone else I hope it doesn’t create a problem for the Bengals themselves. Plus I know both of those guys really want rings

Favre is a legend and plenty of people were rooting for him last year, I hope he sees as much success this year!

The Saints, what to say? Kudos on Last season, but there are some big guns aimed your direction now guys! Its easier to fall down than it is to climb up.

The Panthers, yes I am from SC, no I wont root for them! Just ask my homie Ed, he loves em! Add Ed on FB So by default I have to keep saying they suck!!

The Cowboys.. hmm I’m gonna root against them all the way, for no other reason that the fact that my bro Charlamagne loves them! Follow him on twitter and let the trash talk commence, I gotta warn you, he is a pro shit talker though! Offer him a 4 lokos drink, he might like you for that!

As always, hit me up on twitter or Facebook for some good old trash talk this season:

And just for football fun, here is a little video of me running a 100 yard dash. We had a giveaway on the forums, people had to guess how fast I could do it.. I wasn’t fast, but I definately was not as slow as some people guessed!

True friends

So Im sitting here at a bar discussing why I just purchased an entire case of Little Johnnys bone-a-fyde rib rub and rooster booster at the release/cookout for the rub. Now I havent seen Johnny in a few years, but we remain friends without a doubt.

As I explained my reasoning to the gentleman who asked, I decided that I should probably utilize this opportunity to blog about these thoughts as well.

So it goes like this. I support my friends.. True friends are your foundation in life. The harder you work on your foundation, the less you will have to work on your house.. Because your friends will help. In the event of a disaster, your house may burn, succumb to floods or even get blown down by a tornado or hurricane.

But remember, your foundation will always remain through any disaster.


Rango movie trailer starring Johnny Depp

Here is the trailer for the movie “Rango”, starring Johnny Depp. I saw the poster recently and checked out the official website

the movie looks funny, I have to say, Johnny Depp’s character voice in the movie is a a great tonal difference than his own. Knowing it was him at first I had an assumption of what the lizard should sound like, but then when you hear him speak, its like “ohhh okay..” good job Johnny!

Unfortunately the movie doesn’t come out until march 4, 2011. So it’s gonna be awhile before we get to see it. in the meantime, check out Rango on Facebook -

Chipotle no junk mail campaign

As some of you who are on twitter with me may know, Chipotle is one of my favorite places to eat. the food is always fresh and they have corona’s and green tabasco lol

Well they are having a sweet campaign for charity. All you have to do to help is forward them your junk emails!

here is the info from their facebook:

We don’t like junk. Not in our inboxes and not in our food.

Help us turn junk into something good. Forward your unwanted mail to And we’ll turn it into better school lunches.

If we hit 500,000 junk mails, we’ll donate $50,000 to The Lunch Box.
And that translates into a bunch of better-fed school kids.

See? Junk CAN be good.

So start sending that junk mail people!!!

toyota truck passengers ejected rollover video

this is a pretty disturbing video of a toyota pickup truck full of people that comes flying down the street fishtailing, ang then rolls over twice. not only was every single person ejected from the bed of the truck… YES THE TRUCK BED WAS FULL OF PASSENGERS!  someone also was ejected out of the rear window.  Not sure about the people and driver, but the all seemed young and may have been acting up!

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