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Latest News
Grandpa Gaga poker face dance video

This old cat is really getting down.. dunno what to say about the younger dudes, but I gotta give it up to grandpa! He has a sick dance routine all set up to Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face”

Give it up for Grandpa Gaga the dance machine!

here is the FB page dedicated to him –



Ontario, CA – June 29, 2010 – Famous Stars And Straps announced they will partner with Black Book Sessions for their next event, Black Book Session 8. Black Book Sessions is a non-profit organization committed to support & acknowledge young urban artists to reach their highest potential in their lives and community.

The event will consist of an artistic exhibition with live mural paintings by respected artists along with an amateur art contest, car show, giveaways and free food provided by select sponsors. Black Book Session is dedicated to helping kids & teens develop their artistic skills and build their confidence. With this goal in mind, the gathering will bring together a number of sponsors, athletes and local celebrities all working to promote the same cause. Black Book Sessions 8 will be held Saturday, July 10, 2010 from 3pm-8pm at Killer Distribution, 4050 Greystone Drive, Ontario, CA. 91761.

For further information, please go to:

Black Book sessions 8

Takers Movie, TI “Yeah Ya Know”

Check out the Video for “Yeah ya Know” from the upcoming movie “Takers” Featuring T.I. Zoe Saldana, Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Hayden Christiansen, Chris Brown, Michael Ealy (barbershop and the TV series “Fast Forward”) and Idris Elba (The Wire and Tyler perry’s “Daddy’s Little Girls” – He is one of those guys that you know his face, but not his name. Great Actor)

and here is the official trailer for Takers

The official website for the movie “Takers” is

Kindra Arnesan spills about BP

Gulf Emergency Summit video from PBS a mom speaks out

Kindra Arnesan – yes, not “Kendra” is a housewife to a commercial fisherman and mother of two, whom she says “look just like their daddy” She speaks on standing up and speaking out against BP and why she isn’t satisfied on what she has seen from them. Namely “Balloons and Ponies” a term used by BP that she aptly describes in this video. Its amazing that BP gave her an all access pass to “everything that anyone would ever want to see” and allowed her to act as a fly on the wall.

Did they think they could impress her and make her a fan? Highly doubtful BP, as you see, in this video Kindra makes a resounding statement “My daddy is a fisherman, my husband is a fisherman and every man I have ever known, loved and respected is out on that water”

Salute Kindra, keep speaking out!

Jimmy Kimmel Twilight x Jersey shore spoof video

Check out the Jimmy Kimmel, Twilight Eclipse spoof video starring the cast of Jersey Shore as the Characters of Twilight! Of course “Snooki” stars as Bella and “The Situation” is Edward and “Pauly D” is Jacob.  I always love the small thoughtful things that you see in videos like this, notice “The Situation aka Jacobs tanning bed at the end!

Friggin Twilight!  “Your mother owns a body shop!”

Puttin in work at XDL Los Angeles

Thanks to the homie Big B for snappin this pic. I gotta have my porta pottie close by when I am on the track all day announcing, so Bill D and I moved one.. have no fear, the camera guys for “Inside XDL” got it all on film. “Project porta potty”

Inside XDL Porta pottie work

Racer hits deer at summit point

Heres a pretty sick onboard camera video of an expert class trackday at summit point in west virginia. If any of you have been to this track, then you know its out in the woods and deer sightings are not uncommon there.

The wreck is near the end of the clip.

Red bull air race river stall follow up video

Here is a great follow up video from Red Bull with slo mo shots of Matt Halls amazing skim off of the water in detroit!

Bi Plane crash Detroit River Red Bull air race

Get ready to have a pucker up moment!

This video, taken at the Detroit Red Bull Air Race shows Matt Hall performing. Just after the 1:00 minute mark.. well.. just watch.. It is an Epic moment!

Adidas Starwars World Cup ad

Adidas has produced a really sick world cup ad. Its a Star Wars theme, with a few celebrity appearances!

Check it out

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